Black Market Rates for Naira

        USD, Canadian Dollar CAD, Rand, Euro, Yuan (Rmb), Pounds to Naira Black Market Rate Today

The rates published here are sourced from currency traders on the streets of major cities in Nigeria. This site does not determine the rate at which the United States Dollar USD, Canadian Dollar CAD, Rand, Euro, Yuan, Pounds is exchanged against the Naira in the black market.

The Central Bank of Nigeria does not recognize the black market (parallel market).


Date Currency Buy/ Sell
25/04/22 USD 583/587
25/04/22 Pounds GBP 769/773
25/04/22 Euro EUR 627/632
29/12/21 Canadian Dollar CAD 430/440
11/11/21 Rand 35/45
05/03/22 Yuan RMB 65/69